Intraday Comment
25/10/2016 10:02:18 SA

Best of market spreads

The IronFX customer-centric model combines bespoke trading functionality through its platforms with the widest suite of products to offer the best pricing, execution and liquidity. With best of market spreads and round-the-clock customer coverage, clients can truly enjoy the world’s best trading environment with IronFX Global.

Price improvements

Even if the market moves in the client’s favour, the client has the opportunity to receive price improvements by having his trades executed at a better price than the one requested.

Renowned Trading Execution

At IronFX we strive for the highest quality in trading execution. For this reason we consistently invest in technological advancement. We automate every aspect of the trading process, keeping manual intervention to a minimum, in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Trading Facts:

  • Instant Execution with No Slippage 99.62% of trades executed in milliseconds
  • Market Execution with No Re-quotes 100% of trades executed in milliseconds

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